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Why Should You Consider Replacing Your Original Garage Flooring?


Think about your average garage flooring. What do you see when you look at your garage, or think about what your typical garage floor looks like? It’s usually drab, grey, and boring. Worse still, it isn’t that durable and can be stained easily.

If you plan on doing anything with your garage besides just parking your car, then you might want to consider replacing your garage floor at some point. Not only will your garage’s floor start to show its age as time goes by, but you should also consider several other kinds of factors, as well.

What Can Put Stress On Your Garage Floor?


A lot of different factors can go into the wear and tear on your garage floor. Some of the biggest ones to consider are:

The weight of your car or truck


The average weight of a car is approximately 4000 pounds. A truck could weigh even more.


Your garage floor can be stained or adversely affected by liquids


Not only can a standard garage floor be stained by liquids, but certain liquids can even  lend a hand to the deterioration of your concrete floor.


Shifts in the temperature of your garage can affect the floor

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Sudden temperature shifts from warm to cold (or the inverse) can also lend stress to your floor.


Age and normal wear and tear


Foot traffic and the normal aging of your floor can also be a big contributor to stress on your floor.

If your garage floor is starting to show signs of needing help, then there are plenty of great options for Chicago garage flooring that you can consider to give your garage a makeover. A whole new look and feel, and a whole new floor will really make your garage seem like a brand new place, allowing you to get back to your projects or just parking your car without having to worry about putting more stress on your garage floor.